OneBusAway Production Deployments

OneBusAway Beta Deployments

Before OneBusAway is fully deployed in a region, beta versions are often deployed to allow testing by a smaller group of users.  Beta implementations of OneBusAway have been established in Washington D.C., Boston, San Joaquin, San Diego, and on UC Berkeley campus, as well as Lappeenranta, Finland.  After these beta deployments are fully tested, they typically become production deployments.  Other pilot project initiatives have included a partnership with Code for America, in September 2012, through which the Detroit DOT launched a “TextMyBus” service and a developer API based on OneBusAway.  That’s the exciting part of OneBusAway – any developer can set up OneBusAway for their city.  These developer deployments often have a goal of attracting the interest of the local transit agency, which may then see the advantages of the system and adopt it for their region.