Development Agenda

The table below provides a partial listing of ongoing and planned enhancements to OneBusAway (OBA) by the OneBusAway community. This information evolves continuously; interested parties are invited to contribute to the discussion on the onebusaway-developers list.

Upgrades and Security

Ensure that OneBusAway is maintained as a rock- solid, industrial-strength software platform that provides reliable service in the most demanding environments.

Continuously upgrade underlying tools and components, and ensure resistance to denial-of- service and other forms of attack. Current items include Java 7 support and addressing potential Struts vulnerabilities.

Continuous attention to these issues ensures a stable and reliable platform.

Status: Underway

Target: Continuous

Sponsor: All

Operations – Hot Bundle Swapping

Enable OneBusAway to operate without any interruption as schedule (GTFS) and other data are updated. Zero down-time provides the best possible service to transit riders.

Migrate the hot bundle swapping capabilities of OBANYC into the OBA core.

Tested and proven in New York City.

Status: Underway

Sponsors: Sound Transit, HART

Upgrade OBA Server to SIRI API

Enhance and upgrade the application programming interfaces to SIRI, an international open data and interoperability standard.

Benefits all OneBusAway users by ensuring access to the most modern and innovative tools and third- party apps.

Add SIRI-based APIs to the OneBusAway server stack, with the existing OBA V2 deprecated but still available to support existing mobile applications

The existing OBA API has served the project well, but compliance with the standard is essential for the long-term viability of the project.

Status: In progress.  Real-time is available in some regions via SIRI – see the “supportsSiriRealtimeApis” element in the Regions API to see which regions support real-time info via the SIRI standard, and “siriBaseUrl” for the SIRI API endpoint in those regions.  Version 2.0 of SIRI, which includes “discovery APIs” for schedule information, is not yet supported.  For this information you would still need to use the OBA REST APIs.  For documentation on using the SIRI API, please see MTA’s documentation for their Bus Time system (based on OneBusAway) here.

Sponsor: OBA

Port the Native Apps to Use the SIRI API

The native OBA apps are an essential part of the customer experience for many users. Once the above change is complete, these apps should be updated to use the new SIRI Application Programming Interface.

Re-engineer the Android, iPhone, and Windows apps to use the SIRI V3 API, enabling the OBA V2 API to be retired.

Status: In planning

Sponsor: None as yet

Integrated Trip Planning

Many users have requested a trip planning feature within the app – it is the #1 requested feature on the OneBusAway Ideascale page.

Status: In progress. York Region Transit is adding transit trip planning (using the Google Directions API) to their fork of the native iOS and Android apps. HART is currently adapting that code to use the OpenTripPlanner API in the main OneBusAway iOS and Android apps.

Sponsor: York Region Transit, HART