Real-time transit data and so much more.

OneBusAway is a suite of open source transit information tools that enable transit agencies to provide real-time vehicle locations, alerts, and arrival information to riders, with iOS and Android apps, a web platform, and robust APIs, as well as back office support. OneBusAway lets your agency be in control, without needing to build everything yourselves and without cutting corners.
OneBusAway Android app showing real-time vehicle location

Donate to OneBusAway

We’re an all-volunteer organization that relies upon donations to help fund future development work on our apps. Become a donor and help us secure a brighter transit future for everyone. Donate on the Open Transit Software Foundation website.

“Going from paper to Automatic Vehicle Location tracking using OneBusAway was a sea change for our customers. It was a sea change for our organization.”
Bruce Neiger, MTA

Featured Case Study: San Diego MTS

Integrations: iOS and Android apps, SMS arrivals, API-powered real-time information on the SDMTS website, arrival information signage at transit stations, and Trolley signage.
Setup: MTS self-hosts OneBusAway on a single Windows server, which has so far been sufficient to manage over 300k requests/day at peak.
Favorite feature: “[OneBusAway] cares about accessibility. It’s really important in the transit industry to have accessible information, and they have always put that front and center.”


Give your riders the information they want, the way they want it

iOS and Android apps, web, arrival signs, and SMS.

Use the equipment you already have

Use your existing CAD/AVL hardware, or integrate with simple GPS feeds that don’t require expensive equipment.

Your passengers, your data

Privacy is more important than ever, and OneBusAway will never collect personally identifying information or sell your passenger data.

Make it your own

You’re welcome to white-label OneBusAway with your agency’s branding, or use it to power your own custom solutions.

Fully accessible

Riders recommend OneBusAway for its screen-reader support. Stay Section 508 compliant and support your riders.

Reliable and scalable

Enterprise software built with trusted technology, able to handle the demands of some of the largest agencies.

Check out the project on GitHub!

If you’re a developer looking to set up OneBusAway or participate as a contributor, the project wiki is the best place to start.