Brand Guidelines

Download our flyer for print. Illustrator file available on request.

We encourage you to let transit riders know about OneBusAway and how it can make using public transit easier. That said, there are a few guidelines on using the OneBusAway name and linking to OneBusAway:

  • Our name is OneBusAway: all one word with no spaces and the O, B, and A capitalized.
  • Link to
  • We discourage wrapping OneBusAway in a frame on your own site. If you want to more directly incorporate OneBusAway data into your site, check out our developer API.

An Adobe Illustrator file for the OneBusAway logo can be downloaded here.

OneBusAway green color is:

  • rgb(120, 170, 54)
  • #78aa36
  • hsl(86, 52%, 44%)