If you’re a developer, or a transit agency that has developers in-house, and want to get started with OneBusAway, we recommend you start with the OneBusAway Project Wiki on GitHub.  You’ll find a wide variety of resources there to get you going.

The OneBusAway partners are keenly interested in a vibrant open-source community around the software, which will drive a steady stream of innovations that can flow to transit riders.  OneBusAway demonstrations are often created by independent developers.  As examples:

  • The New York MTA has a comprehensive web page listing over 80 apps built on OneBusAway and other public information feeds, all built by third-party developers.
  • Through a partnership with Code for America, the Detroit DOT launched a “TextMyBus” service and a developer API based on OneBusAway.
  • Technology demonstration, or “tech demo”, implementations of OneBusAway have also been established in Washington D.C., Boston, San Joaquin, San Diego, and on UC Berkeley campus, as well as Lappeenranta, Finland.  Former tech demo implementations in York, Canada, and Rouge Valley, Oregon, are now production deployments.

Local developers often have a goal of attracting the interest of the local transit agency, which may then see the advantages of the system and adopt it for their region.