Hosting and Service Providers

Many agencies do not have the resources or technical capabilities to host their own OneBusAway instance. The Open Transit Software Foundation (OTSF) welcomes companies and organizations who are interested in providing full-service OneBusAway installations for clients. If you would like to get started selling OneBusAway hosting and maintenance, or are already providing OneBusAway to agencies, you may want to consider the following.

  • We highly encourage donating a portion of your profits from OneBusAway hosting and maintenance back to OTSF, to help support continued development on the project.
  • Contact us to get on our list of known service providers. Let us know a little bit more about yourself, including your experience with hosting OneBusAway.
  • Contribute improvements back to the core OneBusAway repositories, rather than forking the code.
  • Consider joining OTSF and getting involved with the project governance.