OneBusAway Production Deployments

  • New York, NY: MTA Bus Time is the New York MTA’s branded version of OneBusAway.  It expanded to cover the entire city of New York in March, 2014.   In peak periods, MTA Bus Time handles 30,000 requests per minute.  Real-time information has increased annual ridership by an estimated 8 million.
  • Puget Sound, WA: Sound Transit’s original deployment of OneBusAway delivers unified real time information from six different operators.  Operational since 2008, this deployment has over 100,000 unique daily users.
  • Tampa Bay, FL: OneBusAway Tampa was launched with Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) and the University of South Florida in August, 2013.  It handles 180,000 requests for information each day.  Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) is currently in beta testing as part of the Tampa Bay region.
  • York, Canada:  York Region Transit / VIVA has launched OneBusAway in York, Canada. York features custom-branded versions of the Android and iOS apps, and is also featured in the main OneBusAway apps as well.
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District, Oregon:  RVTD in Jackson County, Oregon officially launched OneBusAway in September 2015.
  • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, California:  SDMTS officially launched OneBusAway in January 2016.
  • Washington, D.C.: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) launched busETA, a branded version of OneBusAway, in February 2016.
  • Poznań region, Poland:  goEuropa rebranded OneBusAway mobile apps and website as “KiedyBus” and launched May 2016. The deployment currently offers real-time information for Środa Wielkopolska and Kórnik, and schedule-only information for the entire Poznań region.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: In mid-2019, the National Department of Transportation in Argentina through SUBE (Nación Servicios) launched a new app “Cuándo SUBO”, based on OneBusAway, in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, where there are 18,700 buses. As of August 2019, there are around 140,000 active users with real-time information of the buses’ operation available for half of the system, with full coverage expected by the end of 2019.

OneBusAway Beta Deployments

Before OneBusAway is fully deployed in a region, beta versions are set up to allow testing by a smaller group of users.  San Joaquin, CA is currently in beta testing, as is Lappeenranta, Finland.  After these beta deployments are fully tested, they typically become production deployments.  Other pilot project initiatives have included a partnership with Code for America, in September 2012, through which the Detroit DOT launched a “TextMyBus” service and a developer API based on OneBusAway.  That’s the exciting part of OneBusAway – any developer can set up OneBusAway for their city.  These developer deployments often have a goal of attracting the interest of the local transit agency, which may then see the advantages of the system and adopt it for their region.