Transit Agency Resources

More and more transit agencies are turning to OneBusAway to deliver real-time transit information to their riders.  There are many reasons:

  • It is open-source software that can be deployed without any license fees.
  • The web and mobile web applications are modern, slick, 508/ADA compliant, and easily branded and customized.
  • It provides native mobile apps for Android and iOS (iPhone).
  • It provides enterprise-level features that provide outstanding scalability and reliability  (if it can handle New York’s 2.4M riders and 6,000 buses, it can meet your needs, too!)
  • It includes rich application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable third-party developers to offer innovative apps to riders, and in-house developers to do custom integration.
  • It can leverage simple GPS data feeds and does not require expensive AVL equipment.
  • It has the support of a broad community of agencies, universities, developers, and users.

Many transit agencies are deploying OneBusAway using in-house developers, or with the assistance of universities, production firms, or independent developers.  Some are hosting the system in-house, while others are leveraging cloud hosting options like Amazon Web Services.

If you’re thinking about OneBusAway as an option for your agency, we have the following suggestions:

  • Spend time here on to learn as much as you can.
  • Try it out – see our list of live OneBusAway deployments.
  • Have your in-house technical team visit the OneBusAway page at GitHub (they’ll know what that means.)
  • Talk to the transit agencies who already use OneBusAway as their platform for real time customer information.
  • Contact one of the universities, transit agencies, commercial, or independent developers who work regularly with the OneBusAway platform.
  • Reach out to the OneBusAway community on the onebusaway-developers Google Group.