Transit Agencies

OneBusAway is more than an app, it’s a platform.

Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps for Android and iOS (iPhone), as well as less common interfaces such as Amazon Alexa and Pebble watch.


The customizable, ADA-compliant web application provides real-time vehicle locations and stop arrival estimates.

Rich APIs

Reinventing the wheel is expensive. Developers can leverage OBA to build tools and applications customized to your needs.


Set up a scrolling bus arrival sign instantly, without any extra configuration.


Enable text-message service for real-time arrivals.

Modular Code Libraries

Fully extensible, for agencies that need to create something truly unique.
Did you know?
In Seattle, 92% of riders reported increased or greatly increased satisfaction with public transportation after adding real-time information. Read our research and case studies on the benefits of real-time.

The Advantages of Open Source

No licensing fees
Broad community support
You own your installation and your data
Freedom to white-label
Leverage OneBusAway in your own tools and software
Host it yourself, or pick any vendor you choose
Download our flyer for print to share with your team or stakeholders.

OneBusAway is…


OneBusAway powers real-time information for New York’s MTA, serving millions of riders daily.


Transit agencies have saved as much as 60%, compared to the cost of using proprietary vendor software or creating their own solutions from scratch.


Deployed at agencies of all sizes across the U.S. and even internationally. Learn more about OneBusAway deployment sites, or read case studies from different agencies.

Learn more about how you can set up OneBusAway at your agency